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Seek not the paths of the ancients; seek that which the ancients sought.

Matsuo Basho

What the Bible is for me

Faith in God’s revelation has nothing to do with an ideology which glorifies the status quo.

Karl Barth

  • But we can dance with them! – Complexity and Models

    A model of reality that tells us how reality works is a false idol. Daniel Schmachtenberger As you might know, I am a Spiral Dynamics practitioner, CliftonStrengths coach, and Christian. I value all three views on the world, be it evolutionary psychology, positive psychology, or the biblical narrative. And still, I would never say that […]

  • The End of a World

    Have you ever wondered why the Bible uses the word “kosmos” to express what we call “world“? Well, maybe the more exciting way to pose the question is to look at what we use today’s word “kosmos” for. It is used to name the universe. Dah. But then there is “cosmetics.” What does it mean? […]

  • Arborescent or Rhizomatic Structures

    For centuries, we have looked at the New and the Old Testaments and have defined our doctrine and church structures based on our understanding of what we read. We did not realize how much our own worldview skewed our understanding. We all live in a hierarchical world. We had no experience with non-hierarchical systems, and […]

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