My former Nature

Before I became a Christian, and frankly a long time afterward, let’s face it, still to some degree I am a nerd. What is this:

Wikipedia sais it very good:

Nerd is a term often bearing a derogatory connotation or stereotype, that refers to a person who passionately pursues intellectual activities or esoteric knowledge rather than engaging in more social activities, such as organized sports. Therefore, a nerd is often excluded from physical activity and considered a loner by peers.

Another word to put it again in Wikipedias words, is geek:

The definition of geek has changed considerably over time, and there is no longer a definitive modern meaning. Here are some of the many definitions:

  • A person who is interested in technology, especially computing and new media. Most geeks are adept with computers, and treat the term hacker as a term of respect, but not all are hackers themselves.
  • A person who relates academic subjects to the real world outside of academic studies; for example, using multivariate calculus to determine how they should correctly optimize the dimensions of a pan to bake a cake.A person who has chosen concentration rather than conformity; one who pursues skill (especially technical skill) and imagination, not mainstream social acceptance.
  • A person with a devotion to something in a way that places him or her outside the mainstream. This could be due to the intensity, depth, or subject of their interest. This definition is very broad but because many of these interests have mainstream endorsement and acceptance, the inclusion of some genres as “geeky” is heavily debated. Persons have been labelled as or chosen to identify as mathematics geeks, engineering geeks, sci-fi geeks, computer geeks, various science geeks, movie and film geeks (cinephile), comic book geeks, theatre geeks, history geeks, gamer geeks, music geeks, art geeks, philosophy geeks, and literature/rp geeks.

Maybe you will enjoy these articles to see what I mean: The Nerd Handbook, and A Nerd in a Cave, or The Two Types of Programmers.

But I am not there any longer, or less and less. How is that?

(Rom 12:2) Don’t be like the people of this world, but let God change the way you think. Then you will know how to do everything that is good and pleasing to him.

Rom 8:11-14 Yet God raised Jesus to life! God’s Spirit now lives in you, and he will raise you to life by his Spirit. (12) My dear friends, we must not live to satisfy our desires. (13) If you do, you will die. But you will live, if by the help of God’s Spirit you say “No” to your desires. (14) Only those people who are led by God’s Spirit are his children.