I refuel thinking


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Salvation is often misunderstood. It does have three tenses:

Past: I am saved – justification as a gift from God. By faith alone by Christ alone. To add to it is blasphemy. No penalty of sin.

Present: I am being saved – sanctification. We are progressif work. Committment, faith, growth, relationships that will help me persevere. This will determine my inheritance. Separation of the power of sin.

Future: I will be saved – glorification. Depending on what shows up at the judgment seet. Have I just been justified (hay, wood, stubble) or do I have a treasure layed up in the heavenly bank account and been sanctified (silver, gold, stones)? Separation of the presence of sin.

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The unfiltered thoughts of a pastor in exile give the reader a toolbox that allows them to take a fresh look at the Bible and the church.

The tools considered in this book include Spiral Dynamics, the Theory of Positive Disintegration, community building, dealing with doubt, and various personality tests and traits.