The Fig-Tree

In Mark 11, Jesus saw a fig-tree, and discovering that he bore no fruit he cursed the tree. Later that day Peter saw that the fig-tree had withered, and they started to talk about faith and the power of our words.

In Mark 13:28-29 Jesus talks about the fig-tree again:

And learn the parable of the fig-tree: when her branch is still tender and puts out leaves, you know that summer is near. So you also, when you see these things happening, you know that it is near, at the doors. (Mark 13:28-29 MKJV)

Let me get a little rabbinical with you and ask: Why a fig-tree?

In Joel 1:7 God says that they laid His wine waste and splintered His fig-tree. Who is he talking about? Israel, His people. Wine and fig-tree have been pictures of Israel all along.

In John 15:5, the wine is used for God’s people in the new covenant, as Jesus says that He is the wine and we are the grapes. But the fig-tree has not been “redefined”, it still stands for Israel.

So one morning, going from Bethania to Jerusalem, Jesus cursed the fig-tree and it withered. The evening of the next day, maybe on their way back, he is talking of a fig-tree again, one that regains strength, power and produces leaves, one that comes alive.

Nearly two days later (one day is like a thousand years) we see the fig-tree starting to come alive again, right in front of our eyes.

And Jesus links this directly with the signs of the end times. Whatever the end times where he was talking about–at his time, more likely the end times of the old covenant.

If you see this, you will know what time it is.

I love the parallel in Luke 21:

And He spoke a parable to them: Behold the fig-tree and all the trees. Now when they sprout leaves, seeing it you will know that summer is now near. So also, when you see these things happening, know that the kingdom of God is near.

Luke 21:29-31 MKJV

This time its the other trees as well. We are included. The church is regaining strength. The bride is “de-wrinkled” and “de-blemished”. The body is maturing and reaching its stature.