God’s Family

Let’s dive a little more into the plan of God, trying to unveil its purpose.

As I wrote in my last entry, we cannot derive the purpose of the plan asking “what if”. What if we had never sinned. We have to, and are perfectly able to derive the purpose of the plan from within the plan, especially from the handbook given for this project – the bible. It shows the goal (Revelation 21/22), the kick-off (Genesis 1/2), and the way to get from here to there.

Paul wrote about marriage as a symbol for our relationship with God. And I do think that all of history is but a family story. 2 generations, 2 marriages, 2 covenants between 1 humanity and 1 God.

Back at Mount Sinai, God the Father married Israel. The whole ceremony of a Jewish wedding strongly resembles the happenings at Mount Sinai, from the canopy that covered the pair to the laying down of a marriage contract, much more than that, marriage covenant.

And out of Israel came the Saviour. Out of this marriage Jesus Christ was born. And still today we the Church draw from our parents – we learn from both our Father and our mother. We see how they treated each other, we see the good and the bad. And we can learn.

As it is in real life, parents are not perfect – in this case at least the mother is not. Still children can, with God’s help, grow up to be wonderful, capable, and mature people. Later in life, daughters get to know their husband and learn from him – and vice versa here on earth. Jesus calls the Church His bride. There will be the wedding meal.

And as we marry into the Kings family, we are set to rule with Him, over all creation. What started in the earth (Gen 1:28), as our realm of influence as little children, our playground, our children’s room, will be enlarged to all of creation in our maturity (Rev 22:5): And they will reign as kings forever and ever.