The Length of the Garments

For the accidental or new reader of my blog: this post is part of a series that started with this blog. I would advice you to start reading there for foundation.

Let’s have another look at Aaron, now that he is fully clothed. Did you see the different lengths of the three layers?

The first, linen layer depicting Passover goes down to the ankles. it covers all of our shame, all of our flesh.

The second, blue layer depicting Pentecost goes down to the knees. It leaves part of the first layer visible. If we only wore this layer, not all of our shame and flesh would be covered.

The third, many colored layer depicting Tabernacles goes down to the waist, again leaving some of the second layer visible. No manifested Sons of God without the Spirit.

But these measurements sound familiar. Where did I get across those before?

The man walked east, then took out his measuring stick and measured five hundred sixty yards downstream. He told me to wade through the stream there, and the water came up to my ankles. Then he measured another five hundred sixty yards downstream, and told me to wade through it there. The water came up to my knees. Another five hundred sixty yards downstream the water came up to my waist. Another five hundred sixty yards downstream, the stream had become a river that could be crossed only by swimming. (Eze 47:3-5 CEV)

Wait, there is a forth level? Swimming? Maturity, completion, perfection in Him. Let me point you to an earlier post as we complete this series.

This series consists of