We will judge the World

We have been talking about the priestly garments lately and applying them to this time we are living in. We applied the three layers of garments to the three feast seasons of Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles, to the outer court, Holy, and Holy of Holies, to church history with three reformations of last truths. Read about it here.

We further have seen that we are on the rim of the third reformation, the feast of Tabernacles coming into its full prophetic fulfilment.

We applied the verses in Heb 6:1-2 to the truths and revelations of the three feasts:

Therefore, leaving behind the initial lessons about the Messiah, let us go on to maturity, not laying again the foundation of turning from works that lead to death, trusting God, and instruction about washings, s’mikhah, the resurrection of the dead and eternal punishment. (Heb 6:1-2 CJB)

  • Passover – turning from works that lead to death and trusting God
  • Pentecost – instructions about baptisms (there are more than one) and the laying on of hands
  • Tabernacles – the resurrection of the dead and eternal judgement

As we have lived through the first two feasts and see them lived out today in Church in evangelicals and pentecostals, we pretty much seem to know what they are all about. But what about the third one?

The resurrection of the dead speaks of Jesus’ second coming. We will be resurrected by the last trumpet call. And before that we will be coming forth as the mature and manifested Sons of God that the whole earth is groaning for (Rom 8:19). But the eternal judgment?

Don’t you know that God’s people are going to judge the universe [world]? If you are going to judge the universe, are you incompetent to judge these minor matters? Don’t you know that we will judge angels, not to mention affairs of everyday life? (1Co 6:2-3 CJB)

The reformation of Tabernacles is were we get prepared to do this. Only a people in Christ, fully manifested as Sons of God, displaying His character (Gold), being one side of the Ephod, the absolutely identical back side with Jesus being the front side, being Christ, His body, we the Body, He the head, will be prepared to do what Paul is talking about here.

We will judge the world. We will be judged first at the Mercy Seat and during this life. We are already seated in Heavenly places with Christ, we are already in the judging position. What does our judge do at the moment – intercede for us. The bible speaks about times that He will shake again what can be shaken, and that He will start with His church. Preparation. Cleansing. The feast season of Tabernacles.

We will judge the world. Let’s get prepared for it. Let us manifest the Sons of God. Let us take hold of the revelation that lays within the feast of Tabernacles and this season.

For we will judge the world.