Unbroken Law

When did Moses lose the right to go into the promised land? When he for a second time hit the rock. Why? He broke the shadow that pointed to Jesus: Jesus was hit once, but now we just talk to Him. Ask, and I will give you.

So could it be that Moses didn’t break the foreshadowing signs he did before that? What happened when he broke the tables of the law when coming down from the mountain? Within the arc of covenant there where the unbroken tablets of the law that God made the second time Moses was on the mountain.

This is a shadow for the two covenants: under the first covenant, as Galatians tells us, it was impossible to keep the law. It was broken. But Jesus fulfilled the law – therefore the unbroken law is ours. God wrote the law on our hearts, and it is unbroken. It is done. It is fulfilled.

Jesus is the true arc of covenant. When He rose, two cherubs stood at both ends of the place He laid – see the shadow arc of covenant. In Him is the unbroken law, in Him is the tree of life and the true priesthood (Aaron’s budding rod), and the true manna (“I am the true bread”) in a golden vessel. We are the golden – worthy, honourable – vessels with the true bread of life within.