Uneven Yoke

My yoke is easy and my burden is light.

Mat 11:30

The yoke of Jesus Christ is easy because it is even. What do I mean by that? Both oxen in the yoke are of comparable size. Imagine one being much larger – the yoke would be very uncomfortable for any of the two.

Even though we like the utopia of being without yoke, what we call totally free, it is exactly that: an utopia. We are always under a yoke, namely the yoke of sin if not yoked with Jesus.

In this yoke of sin – independent of the shade – we are yoked unevenly. Be it humanism, addictions, egoism – it is all the same: self. We are to big for this yoke, ending up being the big bull of the two.
Why this? All this only speaks to our flesh or soul, that is intellect and emotions. Our spirit is unsatisfied and unchallenged.

If we get yoked with Jesus, but do it half heartedly, we are the small bull in the pair. Phi 3:10-11 tells us that we can only experience the resurrection power in effect in Jesus’ life if suffering with Him – dying to self. Not only accepting His provision – like Vashti – but also His purpose – like Esther.

Another way to see it: imagine we only accept God’s grace in our lives. This will lead us to do whatever we want – greasy grace. Yet only knowing our identity in Christ will lead us into legalism as a way to keep our identity.

Being fully yoked with Jesus is to accept His grace – He has done it all, we cannot add a tittle. Yet also be aware of our identity as children of God, with the desire and obligation to mature and grow up.

Provision and purpose – the easy yoke.