Old and New – External and Internal

The old covenant started with the promise of a child being born. And it panned out with a son being given. It started with a child being sacrificed. And panned out with a son giving himself for all. As it started it went.

The new covenant started with the promise of a child being born, the church. And it will go out with a son being given, fully given to the Lord, the sons of God. As you saw Him go, He will return.

In the old covenant, God married Israel at Mount Sinai and produced a son. In the new covenant Jesus married the church at the cross and Pentecost, and will produce a many membered son.

In the old covenant, everything was external. In the new, it is within. It is easier to understand what is going on within if we have an example that we can see with our senses.

Are there any more parallels? Tons of them. One thing that comes to mind is prophecy.

Much of the prophecy in the old covenant had an immediate fulfillment and a future one, many years, sometimes hundreds of years into the future. Could it be that this is true also in the new covenant?

When Peter said that “this is that”, pointing to Joel and interpreting Pentecost as a fulfillment of his prophecy, Peter deviated slightly from Joel’s wording. Joel wrote “I will pour out my Spirit”, and Peter said “I will pour out of my Spirit”. Pentecost was a partial fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy, and there will be a time of the former and later rain together – in the future.

Jesus prophecied utter destruction during the lifetime of the generation listening to Him. Jerusalem and all old covenant elements or symbols that had become so religious and with the advent of the new covenant superfluous where destroyed 70 AD. A partial fulfillment. The 42nd generation, Christ (see my former post), is still alive and well, and there will be times as in the times of Noah. Yet the destruction will only be external in as much as everything that goes on in our inner being has its outflow into and consequences in the world. Two man on the field. One will die – the old ego – and one will be caught up to higher levels, seated with Christ. Identity, not locality.

As there was a strong, vivid, powerful, magnificent, eminent, wonderful (in its literal meaning) church back then, there will be the sons of God when this covenant and this age comes to an end. The whole earth is growning for the revelation of the sons of God.