God of Wonders

God of wonders. That is how God introduces himself in the first place. This is how he begins it all: creating the world in 6 days. Wondrous enough for man to come up with many different ideas on what that account might mean and how to interpret it, even leave God out of the picture – and calling that scientific, smart, logical, and even unbiased.

God brought Israel into existence birthing a promised son, a son of wonders. His parents were way past child bearing and producing time. This son was sacrificed to produce something bigger – the people of Israel.

Formed in captivity, they were brought out of Egypt through wonders humanity had never seen before. The world did, that is how it was formed. Even more, they were brought into the promised land with wonders: Jericho fell with no fight at all.

What followed was a time of the occasional outbreak of God’s superpowers through the times of the judges, the kings, the exile, with long periods of just normal life in between, with cycles of believe and unbelief.

But then God again brought a son, in a miraculous time and way. A son that was birthed by a couple that had never slept together – the wonder was not a supernatural birth outside of normal time, yet a supernatural birth outside of normal procedures. This son was to fulfill the old covenant exactly the same way it started – just on a bigger scale. Jesus in this sense is a better Isaac:

Living a life of wonders, Jesus on the cross ended sacrifices and offering in the sense of the Aaronic priesthood. He was the final sacrifice, once and for all.

A new time was born in His resurrection. Again, it all started with a time of wonders. Pentecost, healings through the apostles, a message that was brought to the world in less than 60 years. Again it started in oppression and sacrifice, with many of the new church giving their lives for Him. But the church was brought out of the captivity of the old covenant and into the new with wonders.

The last few centuries were sprinkled with times of wonders and very dark times, with believe and unbelief. And again God wants to bring a son that will fulfill the new covenant and usher in the next phase: Jesus coming back and living in our midst, preparing the world for God the Father to live with us.

The supernatural birthing of the Kingdom on the earth was outside of normal timing: Israel was oppressed by the Romans, nobody expected this to happen. Jesus had been prophesied – to the date, in Daniel. Yet ending the old covenant through a new, spiritual Israel and a new covenant had not been expected. The son that will be born now will be supernaturally born outside of normal procedures. It will not happen by “church as usual.”

The son born at the beginning of the new covenant is a many membered son, and therefore the son finishing this age will be many membered as well. These are those that the bible talks of as the sons of God the whole earth is waiting for. These are those that gave their lives for the gospel.

Externally? The old covenant is external, as a picture for us to understand the internal and spiritual outworking in the new covenant. Therefore I am lead to believe that the ones crying out to Jesus when there would be revenge, the ones John got to know as “these are those” in Revelation, might not be the ones martyred physically only, but also the ones that died to self to become the sons of God He pictured them to be before the foundation of the earth.

God prophesied a Kingdom to fill the whole earth in Daniel. It will overcome all other kingdoms. But it grows, from a normal sized rock to fill the earth. It started rolling a long time ago when its King walked the earth, and it will fill the earth when its kings and sons, together with the King of kings, finish the work. And once again He will say: it is finished.