Word of God: The season is changing drastically

The season is changing drastically. There will be new challenges that will take much faith to get thru. Just remember that you win. (Lynne Ede)

My wife and I received this word a few days ago. Such words of God are an encouragement, and still: I am on board long enough to know what this means. When God told Joshua multiple times: be strong and do not fear, for I am with you – it became clear immediately that Joshua would be in situations that gave reason for fear. Preventive encouragement and admonition to prepare.

This word shouts prepare. Without anxiety because we know who wins. And if you are not so sure about that, reread the last chapters of the bible. Entering the challenges with strong faith – and keeping it up on the journey – we can go through with joy. Looks as if it is time for me to live what I preach: calm in midst of the storm.

Words usually affect more people than the ones receiving them. Most the time their surroundings are included, often the local church, sometimes the worldwide body of Christ. This is the case here – at least I believe it to be. The season is drastically changing worldwide. My last blog entries point in this direction: The perfect Mixture, Apostolic Teams, Rest and Worship, Community versus Individuality. Heck, when I think about it, in everything I wrote lately the new season was the common thread and motivation.

Deduction: it would be best for you to prepare for change and new challenges. Strengthen your faith. You know how: faith comes from hearing and habitually listening to and acting upon the word of God (Rom 10:7). The word for hearing in the Greek is a very active word. It means listening and acting on it. And the time form used is strongly repetitive: habitually and continually. Acting on the word brings change in lifestyle and character, brings God’s work and wonders. This strengthens faith and we will “be still and know what good the Lord has done”. And from Jude 20 we know that prayer,  especially in tongues, builds our faith.

Not to react means to be unprepared from the start. Just like a man that without building up muscles and shaping his body through training wants to surf the big waves. The wave will throw him back on the beach – ruggedly at best. But if prepared – so they tell me – surfing is fun. With God and faith and likeminded others we will surf the next wave. I am convinced it’s a biggy. The season changes drastically.

I am looking forward to hearing about your experiences and impressions. Leave a comment, would you?