The first store of things was put down in the third month

The first store of things was put down in the third month, and in the seventh month the masses were complete.

2Ch 31:7

When Hezekiah was king, Israel destroyed all symbols of all other gods. Pillars, high places, altars – whatever there was got torn down. And then they made a feast: Pessach.

It was too bad that the priest were not ready in time. They were not sanctified, and thus the feast was delayed by a month. It started middle of the second month.

Most of us did not have their personal Pessach in due time. We were not ready and took a detour before finding back to God and accepting the personal work of Jesus Christ in our lives.

Most of us then started to rid ourselves of the influence of the world, and we are ready to tear down whatever God points out in our lives that will not bring life.

So the feast started in the middle of the second month and lasted a week. Shortly after that, namely in the third month, the people started to bring their tithe. Pentecost is in the third month, the start of corn harvest. Shortly before, barley was fully brought in. The first fruits were brought, and they kept on bringing through to the seventh month.

Most of us started tithing shortly after their personal Pessach and stayed at it faithfully.

In the seventh month the king came for inspection, and there were enormous heaps. So much that they had to build storage rooms to keep everything. So much that for the first time in ages all priests were freed up to do their ministry – without side jobs or hunger.

The seventh month. It keeps up popping up in scripture. In the seventh month, the month of fullness and maturity, are feast of trumpets, day of atonement, tabernacles. In this month both the tabernacle in the desert as well as the temple were dedicated. At the feast of trumpets.

What does that mean?

The church is built, the priests are ready, God calls and the church answers. The last harvest is about to begin. Wine and oil. Heaps were built in the heavenly store rooms, and now people are appointed to distribute to the priests in every city.

We are in these times. And do not forget, we are a people of kings and priests. In this time fall the provision for and setting free of his priesthood, his body for ministry. Expect!