Supernatural Birth and Growth Process

She gave birth to a son, a male child, the one who will rule all the nations with a staff of iron. But her child was snatched up to God and his throne.

Rev 12:5

Jesus is the first born son of God. He is the pattern son, the one in who’s image we are created. Much more than we think.

Jesus lived on this earth for 33 years, of which he lived three in the public. Why? Why was it not enough just to die for us? Why did he have to be born as a child, live a human life? Of course, one reason was to train his disciples, so they could go forth and change the world.

Another reason was to give us a pattern. We can live a life just like him. Remember, he did all he did as a man. What was his pattern? All is possible for him who believes. And he did nothing he did not see the father do.

But for hundreds of years we have lived below standard. It started out well. The first part of church history there were wonders and miracles. But what followed is not called the dark ages by chance.

But does the bible talk of a time when we will see miracles again? When we walk in authority? This is what Revelation speaks about. A man child will be born. It will rule the world with authority, depicted as an iron rode.

The woman giving birth to the child is the church. The woman is clothed with the sun. The sun depicts the Son. He lives in us. We are his temple. This woman stands on the moon. Many think, that the moon is the church. But the church is not a reflection of the Son, she is his body.

The man child is a many membered son of God. A new bread of Christians. But who are they? They are Christians that realize who they are. Every Christian is birthed by the church. For a long time that was it. Instead of disciples, they brought forth baby believers. But when the church starts to educate its children, and they grow up, things start to change.

Galatians tells us that we are sons. Sons from the moment on we are born again. But as long as we do not realize it, we are servants. Servants with a future inheritance. Just like the older brother of the prodigal son. But his father told him: “It was all yours, the whole time.”

It was all ours. The whole time. When we start to believe this, we start to change things. We start to change our thinking. We grow up.

Growing up. Just as John tells us in his letter, when he writes to the children, the teens and tweens, and the fathers. John writes twice: fathers, I write to you for you have known him who existed from the beginning. I am going to stretch your mind now. John tells the children, that they have known the father. But he tells the fathers twice that they have know him who existed in the beginning. Who is this? Could it be themselves? Could it be their true nature as sons of God?

As children we know that our sins are forgiven, and we know the father. That means, we trust him, we run to him when we have problems. But we do not know our own nature. As young men we are strong, the word abides in us, and we are told twice that we overcame the evil one. The evil one in the earth, and the one in us? But as fathers we know the one that existed from the beginning. That is God the father, and that is our true nature. We in him and he in us. For now we are one as Christ and the Father are one.

We are seated with Christ and reign with him. We are caught up in heaven with him and reign. And we come down to earth as the bride, the city, the New Jerusalem. We bring the Kingdom of God down to earth. His reign. As true and manifested sons of God.