The Interview: My Favorite Fictional Character

Being conscious that our old man was put to death on the cross with him.

Rom 6:6

It is usually the person I am about to interview that approaches me, not the other way around. Most the time I do not expect to see him of all people. But he likes to creep up on me. This time I am going to confront him with some truths and watch what he is going to say.

But here he is – my old nature. Showing up in challenging moments, as always. My son has just left to spend half a year in Canada – just like my older son did a few years ago.

Old Self: Hey, you remember what happened. Remember that evening you heard about the accident? Remember the shock? What if it is going to happen again?

Myself: No way I am going to fall for you this time. I am just going to answer you as I learned in these TV crime shows: I’m asking questions here. So tell me, have you seen my sons lately? Have you seen how they have grown? How much they love God? How much faith they have?

Old Self: I have to admit, it is rather remarkable, but…

Myself: No but. There have been enough buts in the past. Just let me tell you – I am proud of both of them. You know why? They are alive. And you know what? You are not.

Old Self: Let me get this straight: you hear me talking, you talk back to me, and I am not alive? Who are you fooling? Don’t you believe yourself any more? Hey, it’s me, em, you – us talking to you.

Myself: I know your strategy. I know that I believe myself the most. That is the reason why in the past I fell for you so many times. But that is the way I am coming against you now as well. I just remind myself of this: my old man was put to death on the cross with him. Until I believe it. And now leave me alone, I got a story to tell.

Let’s have a look on the whole verse:

This we know – that our old self was nailed to the cross with Him, in order that our sinful nature might be deprived of its power, so that we should no longer be the slaves of sin.

Rom 6:6

First I have to confess, it is hard to say “this we know”. I rather back off to how a German translation puts it: “we have to understand that”. That leaves room for learning. That way I can wholeheartedly support what I am saying. Because I think that at least it takes into account that I am not quite there. This truth of God is not quite mine yet. I still doubt at times.

And leave room for my old nature to resurrect.

I know that it is true: my old nature is dead, crucified with Jesus. I know, Jesus lives his life through me now. It does not matter whether I believe it or not, it is still true. Let’s put it in plain English:

Could it be any clearer? Our old way of life was nailed to the Cross with Christ, a decisive end to that sin-miserable life – no longer at sin’s every beck and call!

Rom 6:6-7 Msg

Sin has no power over me any more. My old nature has no power any longer – it is but a memory.

Granted. As much as I believe in what my memories tell me, as much they have power over me. And they had quite some time imprinting me. But lucky for me I took the red pill.

I know I am a son of God. I live a blameless life, I don’t have to hide. I keep on turning the light on.

Thus my inner conversation is just that: an interview with my favorite fictional character. Favorite because I for sure know he is fictional. Yet, there was a time this person was very real – and back then, I would have loved him to read this.

Now let’s talk to somebody real. And you know what, he reads all my blogs:

Jesus, forgive me of my worries. You keep all my children in your hands. I am just looking forward for the wonders you are going to perform in their lives.

How about you? Have you recognized yet who is fictional and how is real?