Feed your senses consciously

But the way of the upright is like the light of early morning, getting brighter and brighter till the full day.

Pro 4:18

Getting up this morning, I once more was reminded of the fact that man has more than 5 senses. It is in this twilight zone that we have the chance to hear that small, still voice. It is between the lands of sleep and wake that our senses are still dim enough, yet our conscious clear enough to recognize that odor, to feel that urge, to experience this presence.

I usually write about things we do when we are fully awake. I muse on character traits we are to consciously develop. I elaborate on the importance of relationships. But there is one relationship that enables all of this. The one with my heavenly father. And it is during this change of seasons, as you might call the breaking of the day, that this relationship is the deepest.

Jesus himself says that he is the light of the world. What a treat to start the day with him. This allows for the light to get brighter and brighter till the full day.

Let me tell you a secret. When I spend my time in the morning with God and listen to him as well as tell him what is on my heart and mind, ask him what he would like me to do during the day and whether I had to change something in my life – when I then take the first coffee, I am challenged. When I read my first email, I am struggling. The sensation of this strong and hot espresso, together with the overwhelming visual impressions, the audio immissions – or sometimes pollution – almost let me forget that small, still voice, that comforting presence. But imagine if I had not spent some time with him – he would have to fight all that noise and probably not break through. Because he is not pushy. And because I’ld be to busy.

It takes work, like any relationship. But getting to know him more and more, it becomes easier. You become acquainted to his voice, you grow accustomed to his face, just like Prof. Higgins to Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. To the place you cannot live without.

That for me is a major ingredient of becoming a son. As in natural life, we first have to learn to hear the fathers voice. First to recognize it. Then to hear it in midst of noise and distraction. And to follow it, to obey. Until it becomes so much ours that we hear him talk when we have to make a decision: now go left, and now go right. It is then when we think like him that he can trust us with much, that he can give us authority. And announce: this is my beloved son.

A child learns to speak by what it hears. It learns to mimic the sounds and later add meaning to them, it learns to express itself. It is the voices we hear that influence our expression, more even our being – both in the natural as well as the spiritual. I chose the voices I want to hear. First that still, small voice.

Make the test. Ask him to talk to you in the morning hours. And he will become the first sight, sound, smell, and sensation of your day.

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