Let’s go on a Search

The things hidden [are] to Jehovah our God, and the things revealed [are] to us and to our sons– to the age, to do all the words of this teaching.

Deu 29:29

God hides things. What a surprise. This is what we experience so often. We have read a verse in the bible hundreds of times, but suddenly, that one hundred and first time, it jumps right out of the page. It comes alive. And we ask ourselves: where has this been all the time? And our second thought: it is so obvious, why didn’t I see it years ago?

God hides things. But he also reveals things, in his time. Just as he revealed Joash after six years of hiding. Just as he revealed his son when the time had come. And in hindsight it is so hard for us to understand how they could not have seen.

The things God reveals are for us and our sons – through the ages.

And this is were we usually fail. We forget, let go, or change revelation. Especially the last has happened so many times. We did not experience what God promised, therefore we changed our theology. You know what I am talking about. Due to institutionalized faith, or faith grown cold, we do not experience healings. Therefore, God only heals when he wants to. But then – since God is not cruel or bad – we need an explanation, why he does not heal. Suddenly, the decay and illnesses, brought into the world by the fall and the enemy, become a teaching tool to our God. Does he really need a devilish device to teach me? Is it not the still small voice that guides me?

Another instance: As church leaders started to be appointed by the state – the Roman caesar at the time – instead of God, they were rendered without authority. Oh, they had power – just like the devil – but no authority. These church leaders had no authority to lead their people into maturity, unity, and the fullness of their calling. Therefore, the fivefold ministry was declared to have ceased. Didn’t the bible tell us that they would cease to exist when the perfect comes? So let’s declare that the canon of scripture is the perfect, and we don’t need them any longer. Let’s go back to the old testament priest. And since then we live in maturity, unity, and our full potential in our calling. Or do we?

I am not here to rant. First, God was gracious enough to reveal again what had been hidden again. Second, I do not know what truths I am missing that he had revealed previously. It is not my position to judge. I just wanted to show how easy it is to let go of revelation.

What we do when we let go of revelation, is that we rob not only ourselves, but also our sons. Revelation is to be ours and our sons’ for the ages, for all times. Revelations of the past become the stepping stones of the future – so we do not have to reinvent the wheel in every generation.

In todays day and age we have a responsibility – it has never been harder and easier to follow up with it. But what is it?

To record your revelation for future generations.

It is hard to do because

  • there is too much information, it might just drown
  • there is a desire for independence, a believe that the older generation just does not get it

It is easy because

  • there are so many media types easy accessible
  • there is a new desire for mentoring
  • it is a new time, God’s time, for exactly this

During the reformation, the time God started to re-reveal his truths to us, Gutenberg invented the printing press. At the time of the second reformation, the pentecostal outpouring of the Spirit, we got Radio. During Later Rain and the charismatic movement, we had TV. And now, the internet is accessible to almost everybody. Writing a blog is easier than publishing a book. Way easier than producing a radio or TV show. And much cheaper than any of these. ‘Nough said about media.

But this is a special time as well in God’s plan. It is the time Malachi spoke of. The time God turns the hearts of the fathers towards the sons and vice versa. Spiritual fathers invest their lives into spiritual sons. Until they come into maturity, into their calling. It is important to see that our theme verse says: … are to us and our sons. Not children. Grown, mature sons that follow our examples and go further than we ever went.

Why does God hide things from us?

  • First, he knows us in and out. What is given to us for free, we do not value. What we found out ourselves, we cherish.
  • Then, some things can only be entrusted to mature sons. Lighter, can of gas, 3-year-old? You understand what I mean. Some things would destroy us and the ones with us if we knew prematurely.
  • Some things are hidden less from us but from the enemy. Once we know, he knows, and attacks.

We can therefore truly say that God does not hide from us, but for us. For the joy of discovery, for our safety.

One more reason God hides things from us: He wants to show us who we are.

The glory of God is to hide a thing; but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.

Pro 25:2

We are kings.

Any comment?