A strategic Relationship

Certainly the Lord will do nothing without making clear his secret to his servants, the prophets.

Amos 3:7

I love to work strategic.

What do I mean by that?

Today, if somebody says strategy, he means 5-year-plans. I despise 5-year-plans. One either has to be a communist or a clairvoyant for them to have any value. Long-term planning lasts about five minutes. It takes a little longer for all to admit this.

What do I mean then by saying that I love to work strategic?

I love it when the things I do are goal oriented.

My problem?

I am a son of God. My life is faith based. Faith is well defined. It is the substance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen.

Hard to understand? First, faith makes happen what you hope for. Secondly, it let’s you see what cannot be seen yet.

You ask yourself: did I hear right?

Yes. Faith is the means to build your future.

How is faith expressed?

Words. It is that easy. Well, obviously it is not enough to just speak some words, and things will happen. But then again?

In Greek, the word for words is logos. Do you know the children building blocks called lego? Your logos are the legos of your future – your words are the building blocks of your future.

Words need two things to fulfill their purpose. They need to be spoken and to be heard.

Positive thinking would say that both is done by you. You speak positive words to yourself, because you are the one you trust most.

But this falls short.

Am I really the one I trust most? Sure, I judge others by their actions, while I judge myself by my intentions. Thus, I usually win.

But then, nobody knows a man’s heart but God and himself. I know all the mistakes, harsh thoughts, failures. Actually, I often do not trust myself. Because I know myself.

But there is someone else that knows my heart – God. And he has shown me that he loves me, no matter what. He trusts me. He decided to die for me before I existed.

So let’s see: it would be dumb to just speak my words. I can’t trust myself. But I can trust God. Why not speak what he says about me?

But how do I know what God thinks about me? What does he say to Gabriel about me? What does he whisper to me – if I listen?

There it is: listen to him. Communicate with him. Short: pray.

Just like any relationship, the thing between God and me lives, breathes, and grows through communication and time spent together.

God told us long ago that he doesn’t do anything without telling his friends, the prophets. Jesus told us that he does no call us servants any longer, but friends. He even defines the difference: you do not tell everything to a servant, but there are no secrets with friends.

Thus, God does not keep anything from me. And he loves me. I trust him to tell me what is best for me.

How now do I work strategic?

He speaks and I listen. Then I repeat it to myself until I believe it. It might take a while, but I will. And the words will build my future, become true. Materialize.

What could be more strategic?

Tell me your thoughts!