A New Heaven and a New Earth

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were gone; and there was no more sea.

Rev 21:2

In the end of the book, there is a new heaven and a new earth. Again, I want to tell you that their are multiple levels to every scripture. And again, I will concentrate on the personal application in one’s life.

A few days ago I spoke about the heaven, the earth, and the sea. And I likened them to three levels of maturity and revelation in Christ:

The sea being the born again Christian, even baptized in water, that is content to stay in the outer court.

The earth being baptized in the Spirit, yet still eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil in such that he lives in disunity with Jesus and wants to become like him. Still the old nature has prevalence over the spirit in most aspects, and the tent is growing, but rather small. Holy place.

The heaven representing the new nature in the old system. The Holy of Holies. There is but one left. Christ. He the head, and we the body.

We have been seated in heavenly places with Jesus the moment he died. And since God is outside of time, let me tell you that he died the moment you gave your life to Christ.

The bible tells us that Jesus died before the foundation of the earth. And yet he died 2000 years ago at the cross. But he died for you exactly when you needed it most.

So you became a new creation. See, everything is new.

The old earth, heaven, sea are gone. A new earth and heaven have been created. We are not from this earth, but we for sure are in this earth – the old earth. Or so we think.

We are to bring the kingdom down to earth as the bride of Jesus, as the city, the new Jerusalem.

It is both encouraging and a warning to me that the new creation does not feature a sea.

James likens men that waver, that doubt to the waves of the sea. So there is no more doubt in the new creation.

But it is also clear that without the Holy Spirit there is no place in this new creation.

The Spirit is the guide that leads us. The Paidagogon,  the servant that brings the children and the student to the teacher, to school, and on the way reminds them of what they learned and heard. The one that tells them the way.

Without the Spirit, no guidance and no remembering.

Today, I praise the Spirit for his service in my life.

How important it is to go through the first door into the Holy place. I can only admonish you to never stop on your journey with God. From sinner saved to one that wants to be like him to finally become a mature son of God – in Christ.

From child to juvenile to full grown son and father.

As always, spiritual realities need their time to manifest in the natural. And they need faith to draw them here.

Are you with me? Will you manifest the new heaven and the new earth?