There is but Two

And so it is said, The first man Adam was a living soul. The last Adam is a life- giving spirit.

1Co 15:45

I am aware that my title today is bad English. But my intention is to really, really put weight on the small number of beings there are. Yes, two still is plural, but somehow I felt that the singular would underline the two singularities that exist when we talk about humanity.

There are but two beings in this world, as stupid and unreal as this sounds.

Yes, when I walk this earth I see other people as well. And yes, I see them as separate entity – even people I love. i have not become one enough with my wife yet to forget that we have two bodies, souls, and certainly do not think the same all the time.

What am I talking about then?

Well, Paul tells us that we are Christ – Jesus the head, and we the body.

He also tells us – just as John does in Revelation 21 – that we are the bride. And according to Mark, we will become one flesh.

Now, God is spirit. Jesus is is spirit. Therefore, if we become one with him, we become one spirit.

Obvious – if as fallen creation we become one flesh after the image of Adam, we become one spirit now after the image of Jesus. At last, we are built in the image of God again. Since we accepted the wonderful and finished work of Jesus at the cross. Well, actually since Jesus gave his life for us – but we did not acknowledge and accept it, and therefore we never manifested it.

Ok – now when do we become one spirit?

In Adam, we become one flesh right after marriage, and we manifest it more and more over the course of our lives together.

In Christ, it is the same. In marriage we became one spirit, and we manifest it more and more. Marriage. Jesus said yes to us as bride at the cross. We said yes to Jesus the moment we accepted him as Savor and Lord. I thus pronounce us man and wife.

Have you ever wondered why the angel called us bride and wife? I mean, here:

Come here, and see the bride, the Lamb’s wife.

Rev 21:9

During the day of marriage, the bride is the bride from beginning to end of the day. But in the midst of the ceremony, she becomes the wife. The moments she says: I do.

I said: I do. Did you?

By the way, this means that we legally can bring fruit. If we were still bride and groom unmarried, the fruit would be called bastards.

But why am I saying that there are only two beings here on earth?

You might have guessed it already that I am talking about Adam and Christ. Either we are one with Adam – living after the flesh, after the soul – emotions, our self-will or ego, worldly thinking guiding us. Or we are one with Christ – led by the Spirit of God.

And all those who are guided by the Spirit of God are sons of God.

Rom 8:14

Thanks to the bridegroom Jesus and his work on the cross we all are but one decision away from being a new creation. Being in Christ instead of in Adam.

There is but two. And you? Where do you belong?