A Shadow of Myself

And some of your sons I made prophets, and some of your young men I made separate for myself. Is it not even so, O children of Israel? says the Lord. Amos 2:11

Separate for myself. Separate for a cause. That is what holy means. Set apart for a special cause.

To make their eyes open, turning them from the dark to the light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may have forgiveness of sins and a heritage among those who are made holy by faith in me. Acts 26:18

Or as the Complete Jewish Bible says it: among those who have been separated for holiness by putting their trust in me.

Made holy – set apart for God. That is us.

You for sure have seen the picture on top of this article. It is a caricature of myself – a comic figure drawn from a picture of me.

This is what I look like if I am not separated for God. A shadow of myself, a caricature. A joke.

My whole raison d’être, my whole purpose is to be separated for God. Or let me put it differently. To have a relationship with God in Jesus Christ.

To not think as the world thinks and not participate in what the world does, but program my thinker to think his thoughts and do what I see the father doing. That is the “separate” part.

To do his will as the King of kings. That is the “for a cause” part.

This post is going to be short and – maybe not so sweet. On the other hand, how many times have you been offered to step out of that comic strip you call life and start living a truly great and true life?

And how do I do that?


Surrender to God. Accept what Jesus has done for you at the cross. Invite the Holy Spirit to live in you and remind you of all things that Jesus taught as well as lead you. Lead you into all truth.

Be sure – it has all been payed for. Jesus gave his life so you can live. He paved the way to God so you can follow and have a relationship with God. But it does not stop there.

What follows now will cost you everything.

And what is it?

Not my will, but your’s be done. In earth as it is in the heavens.

It will cost you pride, ego, self-determination.

But it will give you destiny, purpose, freedom.

Freedom to do his will.

What follows is a life worth living, an adventure no extrem sports can match.

You will be part of the bigger picture.