Fighting for Your Precious Ones


“Don’t be afraid of them. Put your minds on the Master, great and awesome, and then fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes.” Neh 4:14

I at times read several things intermingled. A few chapters of one book, then an internet article, part of another book, and maybe even listen a podcast in between. What I found is that such behavior results in very special associations being made, unusual combinations of neurons firing. God uses this for me to learn combining the wildest stuff – like neurobiology and faith, string theory and ancient history.

This time it is not that wild.

I just finished a book about redemption. The story of a man that fled his house after a terrible fight with his wife and finds reconciliation through the help of an old man, an impressionist painter. And I listened to a podcast about hyper grace.

Both reminded me that God is in the reconciliation business. They reminded me also to fight for our loved ones, not against them, but certainly with them.

Today, most Christians want to know what is in it for them – in the relationship with Jesus, that is. And thus, a new movement called hyper grace is born. It states that we cannot do anything, that our salvation is by grace only. Sounds great, and you know, the most dangerous teachings are the ones missing it by just a little. It sounds too great to not be true. It sounds just like the relieve from salvation by works, rules, and control we have heard for so long. But it leaves out one little detail.

It is about salvation through grace by faith.

And that phrase “by faith” changes everything.

First, James tells us that we need faith to believe that there is a God in the first place – pure existence. But then he tells us that that faith alone is not enough – even the demons believe and tremble.

In Hebrews we learn that faith is the absolute and positively being sure of what already is, even though it cannot be seen yet. Faith is believing that you got what you asked for even though it did not manifest yet. Faith is knowing that you are who God says you are even though nobody including yourself can see it yet. You still seem to be the same old – I leave it to you to fill in the right word.

That is where the fight comes in. We fight powers and principalities, the Bible tells us. Some of those powers are right between our ears. Those are our thoughts. We have been born again a new creation, but we do not believe it quite yet. We are imprinted for so many years that it is hard to change. And this is were faith comes in. Faith fights for the truth, draws from heaven what already is, fights for others so they can realize the truth:

We are a new creation.

Will you join the fight?