Dealing with Crises

This is the message of light: Christ awakens you from your intoxicated slumber and resurrects you out of the death trap of enslaved thought patterns.

Eph 5:14

Many are under the impression that they are awakening from a deep slumber of feeling secure to the dawn of crisis and the truth of disaster.

I see this clearly in my Christian brothers and sisters.

Looking at what is happening in the shattered world out there and aligning it with their dreams, fed by their interpretation of the bible, they get their fighting gear ready or prepare to leave all together.

Once more, as in any crises so far, and with many leaders they did not like, or with some calculated dates, they align what is happening with eschatology, the teachings of the end times.

Last I heard, within only a few days, from the same person, the corona virus did not exist, was manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry to sell vaccines as they do not find enough new medicine, and was set free by the Chinese on purpose to buy up Western businesses and thus gain world leadership.

There are many more predictions out there, all seen as prophetic fulfilment of scripture.

I am so tired of this. To me, this has nothing to do with the Gospel of Christ. Christ did not open the eyes of people towards the atrocities of the Roman empire, but towards the love of the father that never left them nor forsook them, and towards their own hearts.

It is telling that chapter 5 of the letter to the Ephesians opens with this verse:

Mirror God; you are his offspring.

Eph 5:1

Why do we still look out there for the Kingdom? Did we not understand what Jesus said:

The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

Luk 17:20b-21

If the kingdom is within us, the fight about it is as well. Does it show out there? Yes, but do we want to make the same mistake modern medicine makes so often and concentrate on the symptoms? Fighting the symptoms never helps.

You might say now that a doctor needs to know the symptoms in order to identify the problem. True, but after he identified it, he should concentrate on the source of the problem.

We have been told what the problem is in Genesis chapters 1-3 and shown repeatedly since, and we still look out there in our best blame shifting.

Adam blamed women (all women available) and God, while Eve seemed to blame the devil in form of the serpent. We have learnt nothing since.

We still blame others. The deep state, run by the devil, God himself, the Democrats, you name it.

It all stems from our sense on the end times.

But what is this slumber? Do we really have to be awakened for the external dealings of the world, or for the internal realities of the Kingdom?

Read again my first paragraph:

Many are under the impression that they are awakening from a deep slumber of feeling secure to the dawn of crisis and the truth of disaster.

Does this align with the gospel? Imagine what will result from this:

One possible reaction is fear and panic. This is what we see in the world right now.

Most react to this by saying: we do not have to fear. We read the last chapter: we win.

Ok then, the reaction is elitism, egoistical exclusion, and an image of a God that sacrifices willingly the greater part of humanity on the altar of free will in the name of love.

If that image is portrayed, most will either run from that God or run to him out of fear.

I believe that we are waking up to the recognition of God’s love instead. Read again the story of the lost son. Though he certainly felt lost, was he ever? Did God require him to jump any hoops, make any decisions, or even repent, before accepting him back?

There is nothing in that story that would hint at that. Don’t you think that Jesus would include that crucial detail if it were as crucial as we have made it, deciding our future in eternity, saving us from eternal torment?

So what are those death traps of enslaved thoughts Jesus wants to awake us from?

It’s exactly our belief system that we are not enough, that we have to do something to be acceptable to God, and even if it is only a decision and to live a blameless life after that.

It is this seed that has been planted in us and has become a spirit and a stronghold in Christianity, that there are things that God is withholding from us, things we have to attain to be like him.

Wake up to the wonderful truth that you are his offspring and therefore him, and mirror this to the world.

Wisdom converts time into opportunity and frees your day from slog. Make his master plan your meditation.

Eph 5:16-17