One World Government

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

2Ti 3:1

What does this verse have to do with one world government, you might ask.

Exactly. Even if you read on, it is about people being selfish and therefore only receiving for themselves without respect for others.

I have searched the bible and study resources for the mention of a one world government, and there is none. It’s verses like the one above that are listed as evidence.

Oh, there is plenty of verses that, if you already think one world government, you can interpret to mean just that.

Like the ones speaking of ten kings uniting in Daniel and Revelation. This one has been used to see the antichrist coming from Europe when the EU had 10 nations, and now, as it has 28, people expect it to fall apart and have a kernel of 10 again.

But still, an EU with 10 nations is not one world government. We are talking about 5% of all the nations on earth.

Even the dividing into sheep and goat nations does not imply one world government, as there still are sheep nations.

And even the verses that gets closest to this in Rev 16:14.16 do not speak of one world government, but of a single short battle with all kings united against God the Almighty.

One world government depends on a certain interpretation of Revelation anyway, namely a futuristic one.

We are never sure about how futuristic all those prophecies were at the time they were uttered. It could well be that their future is in our past.

It could well be that this is not about timelines in the first place, but about block logic viewing mindsets and systemic principles at play.

The Mirror Translation puts it like this:

Know also that there will be days where the extremities of people’s fallen mindsets will be very obvious; where the gulf between heavenly grace-thinking and earthly legalism-thinking will be most pronounced.

2Ti 3:1

Here, the word that is usually translated as last, which it does include by extrapolation, is rendered extremities. Its first and foremost meaning is extrem, and by extension, furthest out.

Could eschatology be the study of extreme times and not last days? Could this not be about time, but about perspective?

Could it be that there will be times and times again people will behave very selfish and god-less?

We certainly had many of those times in the past. I am thinking of the crusades in the name of God, the French and the Russian revolution, the two world wars, communist countries all over the planet, and many more.

For me, this speaks of mindsets that we do see in our time as well, but have seen and will see again and again.

It speaks of the junky that kills to get his next shot.

It speaks of the tribal mindset that forces its members to conform to the group at all cost.

It speaks of the warrior mindset that does not care about the harm it brings to others for personal gain.

It speaks of the traditional mindset that judges, even condemns whoever does not think like them or believe the same. Worse even, they think that it is not them condemning, but God.

It speaks of the modern business mindset that does not care for the coming generations in its treatment of this earth.

It speaks of the post-modern mindset that hates whoever has power and excludes whoever seems less tolerant.

It speaks of every human that diminishes grace by expecting from us to adhere to some set of rules and do some specific actions.

But there is more to this. Let’s do a thought experiment.

What if Revelation was not about a future tribulation and a coming 1000 years reign of Jesus physically back on earth.

What if it was about the inner growth of each human to become what he was supposed to become: a receiver and reflector of the eternal giver.

What if Revelation portrays this inner growth process with many steps of getting rid of the false self or ego?

What if it is our destination to truly become the body of Christ, the perfect reflection of God in this earth, and to reign in his spirit, with him as head, that is the governing mind or mindset? (Applying a very Hebrew understanding of the word head.)

What if the interpretation we adhere to at the moment is just to keep us from getting there?

Would we have a one world government in that scenario? Maybe, maybe not. But we would decide so by the spirit and not based on fear.

Another thought experiment:

If our interpretation of Revelation is correct, why would we fight the installation of one world government? To buy ourselves more time?

Along with this interpretation comes the belief that people that do not believe in the one absolute truth that Jesus is the only salvation will go to hell.

At the moment, world population grows at a higher rate than Christianity, certainly as those that we would attest the right set of beliefs and lifestyle to make it to heaven.

Fighting one world government and therefore pushing tribulation and the return of Jesus further into the future will have more people go to hell. Even if Christianity were growing at a higher rate than humanity, still we would add to the number of people not making it.

Yes, more people would go to heaven, too. But are you truly that cynical?

I am not giving you answers here, nor do I tell you that this is wrong, nor that is right. I just try to make you think.

Does it work?