pastor in exile

My Origin in God

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Born again
connotations fly high
of repentance and guilt
of freedom and shame

Born again
whom he sets free
is free indeed
I am told

Born again
must mean much more
than turning from sin
accepting his grace

Born again
does one single decision
make a new creation
that looks so familiar?

Born again
translated so wrong
confused us so long
bewitched us enough

My origin in God
how much deeper that is
no need to repent
accepted since birth

My origin in God
a deep revelation
a father like none
that never betrayed us

My origin in God
a son is a son
what could separate us
from the love of a father?

My origin in God
beloved and cared for
on a journey to love
and deep recognition

My origin in God
I never left home
it was an illusion
but the vail has been torn

The kingdom within me I see

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