A Story in Eight Chapters

Certainly not great poetry. There is no intent in that direction. I am just trying to express in a different form what I have gone through, and many have gone and are going through. Remember, English is not my mother tongue. Enjoy this for what it is worth.

Beige – Existence

I am.

Purple – Experience

Suddenly I see
There is you and me
Out there is danger
Out there it’s cold
Out there is the stranger
Different, I’m told
We best cling together
As we need each other.

Red – Ego

Why were we expelled
from paradise propelled?
Why is God so partial
That he loves the other?
Why would he court-martial
For killing my brother
Me, that I was right
still I walk upright!

Blue – Guilt

They both ate the fruit
Chose to go down this route
Of disobedience and sin
Since we have the law
It is that I saw
That I am akin.
Now I work hard
to gain back my part.

Orange – Death

Untrue is the story
That God in his glory
Created the earth
For all that it’s worth
A bang, it just happened
No need of a map and
creator at all.
I’m free from the fall.

Green – Rebirth

But more there must be
Then what we can see
Through microscope and telescope.
At least that’s my hope.
Yet I cannot know
Because I am blind
To absolute truth
Which I distort in my mind.

Yellow – Wisdom

Security is needed
as much as is strength.
Guilty I pleaded.
Denied God at length.
But from all those clashes
like phoenix from the ashes
he arose in my brother
me and every other.

Turquoise – Transcendence

Now I know I am.