My Orchestra

For such a time as this.

Esther 4:14

What is happening is not what most expect. What they expect has been and will be. This is part of it, but it is not it.

Do not look for change, but look to change. It is not out there, it is within.

The church you know will be either destroyed or have evolved at the end of this period.

The leader you cherish or hate has been my tool in this. Was he my elect for this time? Who cares.

I care about humanity and creation, thus I come through with my plan in the midst of free will, lies and bad decisions.

I care about individuals, thus I orchestrate a symphony of love that might sound very odd and off-beat at times.

I care about my church. I want it to become my orchestra with many instruments playing their part to the heavenly rhythm.

I will again work in the heavenly threes. Three steps will take place:

First, get caught by the piece of music I am playing in your heart right now for those that have ears to hear.

Then practice your part. Find your instrument and practice this line in bar 38, and learn the structure of the piece with its return to the dominant in bar 52.

But then, forget about the technicalities and just feel the music when you play it together with all of us.

Cherish this time when things are slowed down, take your time, but remember, there is a time coming to be ready. Not for what most expect. Just to play my music, my orchestra.

I have written this piece for such a time as this, and it will have its debut performance soon. I will not allow any other to direct it, and there will be no first violin calling the tune.

Creation, the planets, the rocks, my faithful, and even those most call the lost will play their part in unison, but not uni sono, with harmony and dissonance, allegro and piano-piano.

This will be no marching tune, this is not the time for armies. It will be a dance, my orchestra. Prepare to float in a heavenly arrangement and choreography.

We are playing the last note of my former piece, and it is a fermata, a bird’s eye, as you call it. Still, I have my conductor’s baton in the air, so hold your note, but expect me to call the end in a whirlwind of my hand.

Most of my orchestra is still happily playing their own tune, following those that still believe in the need of a first violin or have taken over the director’s stand from me.

I hear a cacophony of military marches and house and techno and pop and folk and country and schlager music. They call it worship, but who are they worshipping? True worship is to join my music written for this time, and not prolonging the tune of a time long gone.

I hand out the sheets right now, and I have you listen in on the piece to get you hooked and sold. Forget all other music, forget all other activities. Just bath in my music, and then, practice so that you are ready when the performance begins.

I love you, my orchestra.