Merry Christmas

I have a divided relationship with Christmas. It is remembering the beginning of the season that opened up the ways of thinking and seeing the tree of life again. God is becoming one of us so we can realize that we are one of his kind. The trinity never was a trinity but a multitude. And slowly, we grow into believing this.

But then it is when my mom took her own life in assisted suicide nine years ago. And I am sure that many of you have some challenging memories around this time, be it the way Christmas played out in your family or the loss of loved ones, you name it.

Christmas, therefore, is bittersweet. And this is what Christmas is all about: this hope in challenging times. This makes Christmas a futuristic feast rather than a remembrance.

Christmas is a shadow of my breakthrough into unity with God as Jesus broke into unity with us.

It is said that Christ was crucified before the foundation of the earth. He was also human before the earth’s foundation, as we are made in his image. Christmas is the manifestation in the physical world of what was always true.

May Christmas become an image of your breakthrough into the heavens. And in that, it can become a remembrance again, as you genuinely broke through before the foundation of your life.

Have a merry Christmas remembering who you are and, even better, that You Are. You are the I Am.