pastor in exile

Author: Ralph Rickenbach

  • What I believe- a snapshot

    God is in everything and everything is in God, nothing exists outside of God, but God is so much more than everything. God has three faces. There is the eternal IT, far outside our understanding. But God also meets us as the personable YOU and manifests in us as the divine I. Christianity has developed […] >>

  • Sheep

    I just saw on TV that sheep MUST be sheared because their wool keeps growing. How then did the sheep survive in the past when no humans sheared them? This is a question from the internet, and here are the two top answers to it: There is still today the original form of our domestic… >>

  • Left and Right

    Finally they came to a place called the place of the skull. There all three were crucified-Jesus in the center and the two criminals on his right and left. Luk 23:33 As some of you know, I wrote a book. The unfiltered thoughts of a pastor in exile. The subtitle is Tools for Successfully Deconstructing… >>

  • If those stories aren’t true, what then is?

    For many that hear about deconstructing one’s faith and having a different look at the Bible, this question becomes central: If the stories we so love might not have happened, how can I trust the Bible? Where do I stop taking it literally? And is it all one big lie then? There is so much… >>

  • How quickly we forget

    I am on the board of an association, and they just held their biggest event of the year. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this summer conference. But maybe that is a good thing. Already in the evening after the three days, it became clear: there were a few infections with Covid. Of course, we… >>

  • Too much to handle

    We are living in a fourfold crisis at the moment: climate change, a pandemic, war, and a financial crisis, all at the same time. No wonder we are troubled. Two days ago, my wife told me that she was taken aback by the speed covid has been out of the news after two years of… >>

You seem to be interested!The Unfiltered Thoughts of a Pastor in Exile

The unfiltered thoughts of a pastor in exile give the reader a toolbox that allows them to take a fresh look at the Bible and the church.

The tools considered in this book include Spiral Dynamics, the Theory of Positive Disintegration, community building, dealing with doubt, and various personality tests and traits.