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What the Bible is for me

Faith in God’s revelation has nothing to do with an ideology which glorifies the status quo.

Karl Barth

  • Rethinking

    Most of you will know that I interpret “The Fall”, what led up to it, and what resulted from it quite differently from traditional Christianity. I do not buy the story of perfect paradise, followed by a moral and ethical assessment we failed, resulting, therefore, in a struggle back to the previous state, trying to…

  • The Church and Development

    I have written about communities before. Let me remind you: they can develop through four stages. In a pseudo-community, everybody agrees to believe the same. But many things are just not talked about. We assume that we all think the same, mostly because people do not dare to share their doubts, ask for clarification, or…

  • Self-Love and Omnipotency

    Here we go again. I can’t hear these platitudes anymore: ‘Love Myself’ and ‘I Can Do Anything.’ I’ve been told to recite those phrases to myself. To strengthen my insecurities. I was told friendship wouldn’t come until I loved myself. To no avail.

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