Your Identity

We are created in the image of God. Just look in the mirror. But even more than that, the bible says that we are gods.

I, the Most High God, say that all of you are gods and also my own children.

(Psalmen 82:6 CEV)

Even more, Paul calls us the body of Christ, with Jesus being the head. If we are the body of Christ, we are Christ, as my body is not somebody else than my head is, its all me. Therefore being in Christ means being part of the body of Christ or part of Christ (or, by implication, part of God).

We might well look at history as the story of two people: Adam and Christ, as either you are in Adam or in the second Adam, which is Christ.

Now, obviously we need faith to understand this truth. Everything has been done at the cross, and when you accepted this work it became yours in its completion and fulness. Yet we have yet to see, believe, recognize, manifest it. We have to exercise faith as in seeing things as if they are even if they are not seen (Hebr 11:1).

What are the consequences of this: the more we believe this, the more we manifest what we are. We would call it becoming more like Him. Let me rephrase this to being more what we have been all along: Him.

Now, if we manifest Him more and more, we will display His character traits more and more. We will

  • point to the Father and give Him all the glory
  • leave everything and die for the people that don’t know Him yet
  • multiply ourselves in others to do the work with us
  • lead others in their full calling in Christ

What does that mean? Get to know your real identity and live it! And if all mirrors were cracked, he is the best mirror there is.