The Law and Physics – the Matrix

On these two rules all the law and the prophets are based.

Mat 22:40

Our natural world is defined by law, mainly the laws of physics. In our reality we have gravity, therefore mass. We have massiv, fluid, and gas. We have matter and waves. We know the consequences if we try to defy these laws. We hit a wall if we run against it – even though there is more open space between the atoms than there are atoms. We fall to the ground if we step of a roof.

It is the same in the spiritual. If we defy spiritual laws, we experience the consequences.

And yes, it is true – there is a spiritual world, and there are spiritual laws. And if you are true to yourself, you know. You know there must be something more. There is this voice inside of us sometimes whispering, sometimes crying: this cannot be it. This cannot be all there is.

And we are not alone in this. Science tells us that there are more dimensions then the 3.5 we experience, and even Hollywood portrays that there has to be more:

In the Matrix for example – for those who don’t know: this is a movie – Neo suspects the world to be different, and that there is more to it. He seeks and is found by people that know. They know that the world they are living in is but a projection, nothing but a very real computer simulation played to us by intelligent machines we built centuries ago. To keep men quiet, they are played this very real 3D, 360°, surround sound interactive video game they soon started to call life.

Neo is freed and gets to know the real reality. It’s a bad place to be, but it is real. Interestingly enough, the physics in the real world is the same as in the simulation called the Matrix. But as Neo learns that everything in the Matrix is only a sophisticated game, he learns to defy the laws of physics in the Matrix. Not only does he jump from building to building and fly, he also learns complicated things in no time.

You see and hear the cry: there must be more!

Science is telling us that the world we know might well be a holographic projection of another realm. String theory. it also tells us, that since there are both smallest space and time units that cannot be further divided – Plank constant – that the world we know might well be binary. Sounds like a giant video game, a simulation, a Matrix.

Again, you hear this human cry: there must be more!

And there is!

All these twisted pictures are only humans trying to explain what can only be believed. They obviously fall short in their explanations, but they are on a search – a search implanted into our being from the beginning. We hunger for more of God, we hunger for sense, we hunger for relationship. We know that we know that this cannot be it!

Faith tells us, that there is more. There is heaven. There is Christ. There is the new creation – reconciliation with the creator and re-instantiation of the purpose we had from the beginning. With the cross as starting point.

We are a new creation in Christ from the moment on we accepted the finished work of Christ on the cross.

Just like Neo in the movie, we need to grow into the new and unlearn our imprinted valuation and scales of what is possible and what is not. Just like him we have to learn what principles and laws are real and both hold in the new creation or the spiritual as well as the natural realm, and which can be defied in the natural.

What we call wonders and miracles is the application of new creation law and physics in the realm of the old creation. It is applying the revelation we have about the new in the old. It is becoming what we are in the new and manifesting it in the old. It is bringing the kingdom to earth.

It is but to refuse to still live under the illusion of the limitations of the old nature and the law.

Some laws in our world cannot be defied. Those are godly principles. Others are just plain lies we believe because we’ve known them forever.

How do I find out what is real?

God gave us his word. In his word, he shows us his principles, and the overall rule: live after my principles, and you will be blessed. Live differently, and you will suffer the consequences. Easy enough.

In English: Live from the tree of life, do what brings life, and you will be blessed. But if you life out of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, if you live in duality, compartmentalism, disunity, and judge others based on your own measure of good and evil, your own set of rules, you will be cursed.

God also gave us his Spirit. Sometimes he speaks to us in our dreams, sometimes through other people, sometimes he is the small still voice in us, sometimes he is peace in our hearts.

And God gave us companions on our way. And he himself is always with us.

Why don’t you follow that cry in your heart, the Holy Spirit? He will help you find the real.

A hint: don’t start by defying the laws of physics. Start with forgiveness, healing, provision, prophecy. Start with inter-realm communication – prayer. Start with learning supernaturally fast – spiritual revelation and downloads. But start. It is only a start.

Are you coming with me?